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Big Data Advertising

What is Big Data Advertising?

Digital advertising is still developing, but one thing is consistent, most businesses continue to struggle with effective strategies. The most widely used

Privacy, First Party and Third-Party Data in Advertising Strategies

Why You Should Own Your Advertising Data?  As businesses find product-market fit and scale operations, their data focus changes. Early on in the business
advertising data types

All Brands Should Own Their Advertising Data 

We are living in the information age and data is now one of the planet’s most valuable assets. Is your business maximizing data to its full potential? A
Keyword Cohorts

The Power of Keyword Cohorts

Most view advertising cohorts as a singular solution that is always based on behavioral data. The reality is that innovative new developments are being made
Founders Summit Huawei 2022 Bangkok

ReverseAds at Huawei Spark Founders Summit 2022

This year, Huawei Spark Founders Summit 2022 brought 1000+ enterprises and tech startups with over 100 investors on-site. The sole focus of these 3 days of
Fledge and Floc failure

FloC, FLEDGE and Topic API Failure

The certain death of third-party cookies, marketers seek AdTech that aligns with increasing polices while actually providing good results for their businesses.
Advertising Cohorts

The Most Overlooked Cohort Strategy in Advertising

Consumer-privacy has become the centerpiece of digital advertising, as mainstream understanding of data collection and regulatory scrutiny has pushed the

The Future of Personalized Advertising

Decentralized Ad Data and Web3 Consumer Identity Developing in parallel with the death of


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