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5 Neuromarketing Advertising Strategies That Will Create The Highest Impact For Your Brand

June 22, 2022Neuromarketing Advertising Strategies

Every B2B marketer knows that guesswork is not enough to get results from their ad campaigns. For this reason, most companies have put a lot of effort into customer surveys and A/B testing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these strategies as they still work today. Customer surveys and A/B testing can and will give you a better idea of what your customers want but they are no longer the only way to figure that out.

Nowadays, many companies are turning to psychologically backed methods powered by neuroscience. These methods are known as neuromarketing. The goal of neuromarketing is to figure out how your customer’s brain works and then define the triggers that would result in more sales. This may seem extremely complicated and even costly but it’s not.

Yes, there are companies that conduct their own research with the help of neuroscientists which can be costly, but you do not have to do that. There are also some basic yet effective neuromarketing principles that you can implement today.

Here are 5 of the best neuromarketing strategies known to marketers today. These methods when executed correctly will definitely create the highest impact for your brand:

Using The Scarcity Effect

Ever had FOMO? That’s the scarcity effect in action. It is a human tendency to want something more when there is less of it. The fear of missing out on something limited creates urgency and pushes us into action. It makes us do now what we may have otherwise pushed off for later.

Many marketers have used the scarcity effect in their marketing campaigns and the results have been phenomenal. A simple mention of limited stock or a countdown timer can work wonders in how quickly a customer responds to your ad.

Reducing The Cognitive Load

Human beings always want to take the path of least resistance and effort. If dealing with your company requires too much effort from their side it increases their cognitive load and therefore decreases your chances of a sale.

This neuromarketing hack is a little harder for us to use because of the complexity of a B2B buyer’s journey. Still, it is not impossible.

You can reduce the cognitive load of your customers by presenting your content in an easily digestible format. Every stage of the journey should be easy to understand and require as little effort as possible from the customer’s side.

Adding A Human Element

Even when your target is a company, you’re dealing with humans, this is an important fact to remember when you are planning your campaigns. Humans relate to humans, not corporations. They respond to authenticity, not jargon, so be authentic in your marketing.

Add a human element by including a face or a few faces to your marketing content. Make your company relatable by showing your current and future customers the humanity behind the professionalism you offer.

Working With Colors

Did you know that color boosts brand recognition by 80%? This means that it plays a major role in marketing. Working with the psychology of colors to provoke emotion is another great neuromarketing hack for your brand.

Every color expresses and elicits a certain emotion for your customers. By defining the vibe you want your customers to feel and using a color that matches that vibe, both your engagement and sales will skyrocket.

Focusing On The Pain

The fact that customers respond more to pain than pleasure was one of the most shocking discoveries made in neuromarketing, but it’s true. Customers are in fact more drawn to content that includes their pain points than content that lays out its benefits.

Neuromarketing research has clearly established that our brain’s reaction to avoiding pain is 3 times stronger than its response to seeking pleasure. This happens because the pain creates an urgency in our brain to solve the problem.

For this reason, it is extremely important to show your customers how your product or service can ease their pain. Benefits are great for customers to know about, but solutions are always better.


B2B marketing though more complex than B2C does not have to lag behind. You do not have to stick to traditional B2B marketing when other strategies are also within reach.

By incorporating these neuromarketing hacks into your current marketing strategies, you will see a much higher ROI. Not only would this form of marketing improve your customer’s journey but it will also establish their trust and boost your sales.

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