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5 Reasons Search Falls Short in Considered Purchase Paths

November 30, 20205 reasons search fall short

Despite how much we all love search ads, they’re under-performing for many businesses while alternative solutions gain traction.

On average, 60% of advertising budgets are allocated to Google Ads1. This has solidified search ads as a staple within the digital advertising space. Search advertising spending is expected to surpass $86 billion annually by 2023, which is no surprise given the number of eyes glued to connected devices. These search ads have effectively delivered results for many businesses; however, as technology advances, sales funnels are becoming more complex.

The new buyer’s journey is now a non-linear path-to-purchase full of hundreds or even thousands of touch points. This complexity is causing many businesses to reevaluate their use of search ads. Traditional search ads are under-performing when it comes to advertising products and services in considered purchase paths.

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