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Building Your Brand’s Diehard Fans with this Marketing Secret

June 15, 2022Marketing Secret

Are you using an omnichannel approach in your marketing efforts? If not, now is the time to get started. B2B sales and marketing models are changing, and omnichannel is a key force behind that change. While traditional strategies like trade shows and cold calls still work pretty well, today’s buyers prefer to use multiple channels.

Customers in this day and age want to see a mix of traditional sales, remote calls, and self-service portals. Having these options as they move through the sales process has become important to them. For this reason, it is now crucial for every B2B company to make use of omnichannel marketing. It’s also important to remember that omnichannel marketing is not just a mix of all these things. It is the art of mixing all these strategies in a way that they all work together and create a seamless customer experience.

Whether you have been doing it for a while, or you’re planning to start soon, there’s one marketing secret that can make all your omnichannel marketing efforts even more fruitful. This marketing secret takes advantage of neuroscience when planning and is now known to many in the industry as neuromarketing. Using neuromarketing in your campaigns is the best way to build your brand’s big fans.

What is Neuromarketing?

In basic terms, neuromarketing refers to the application of neuroscience to marketing. It involves the direct use of brain scanning technology to observe how people respond to specific marketing elements.

The scans are usually conducted and interpreted by hired neurologists or scientists. The marketing department then refers to the results of the scans to create the kind of marketing material that buyers will find most appealing.

What Neuromarketing Research Has Revealed About People

Neurobiological research is a powerful tool when it comes to understanding human behavior. Here are a few things previous research has revealed about people:

  • Logic is not what drives us, emotions are. However, even though we’re driven by emotions, we justify our emotional signals with logical reasons.
  • We make 95% of our decisions subconsciously.
  • Our motivation to avoid pain is much stronger than our motivation to seek pleasure.
  • Our behavior is influenced by social norms like reciprocity, authority, and social proof.
  • Different colors evoke different emotional responses from us.
  • Our brains process visuals faster than words.
  • Rounded-off prices like $100 are easier for our brains to process, yet a price like $99.99 always seems like a better deal.
  • The beginning and end of a message set the context for what we ultimately perceive.

How To Begin Neuromarketing Today

Neuromarketing to the best degree does require the use of neurological tools and more information. You will need the science that is specific to your target market in order to create the best campaigns. Still, starting today is possible.

Here are 3 ways you can optimize your marketing considering the research above.

  1. Remember people are emotional, even about their businesses. Create content that evokes emotion.
  2. Our brains process visuals faster than words, so don’t be too wordy. Avoid complexity and keep your content as simple as possible.
  3. Your messaging matters. Make sure the first and last parts of all your content tell the buyer exactly what you want them to know.

Neuromarketing has been used by many of the top companies in the world over the last decade. So do not be afraid to look into their strategies while you begin forming yours.

How Neuromarketing Improves Omnichannel Marketing

Neuromarketing provides insight into how your customers navigate different touchpoints.

By making use of the general information gained from neuromarketing research as well as neuromarketing tools like eye-tracking to detect a buyer’s gaze, facial coding to gauge emotional responses, and EEG to read brain cell activity, companies are better able to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement in their omnichannel marketing.


While neuromarketing is still a new concept in the industry, it has the power to revolutionize the way you market your products or services.

This form of marketing is the best way to understand what your customers need and give them what they want. It gives you the ability to know exactly what appeals to them and it helps you serve them a lot better in the long run. Who wouldn’t want to work with a company that can do this?

So if you haven’t made use of this phenomenal approach already, why not start today? Neuromarketing is truly the best way to build your brand’s diehard fans.

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