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Do Your Followers Actually See Your Brand’s Content?

March 31, 2021Followers Brand Content

Do you really have access to all of your followers and connections on social media? You might assume that your existing online network is yours to engage with and deliver content to. However, tech monopolies like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn have deployed algorithms that limit the reach to your own audience.

Let’s take a look at why this is happening, and how ReverseAds returns access to your total audience on social media and expands your reach beyond the walled gardens of these platforms.

Facebook Ads Brand ContentIt’s no surprise that over the last 15 years, businesses have been strategizing and launching marketing initiatives specifically targeting their followers and connections on social media. Since the launch of the major social platforms, these digital audience pools have been growing significantly. Naturally, as audiences grow, businesses and advertisers seek avenues of access. In theory, this should be a straightforward process of gaining a follower and delivering content to that follower every time your business makes a post.

The reality is that tech giants like Facebook are intentionally throttling your brand’s reach in hopes to increase the profitability of their own advertising solutions. Facebook claims that its algorithm aims to optimize the content being viewed by aligning it with a user’s interest. Their assumed intention is to improve the user experience and keep them engaging within the walled gardens for as long as possible.

In order to keep users engaging, Facebook utilizes ranking signals or data points on a user’s past behavior. What is a user engaging with? What type of media do they post? What is the popularity of a specific post? These types of ranking signals are used by all the major social media platforms, and ultimately determine what a user sees on the platform.

At the end of the day, a social platform’s primary goal is to maximize the time spent within its walls, which improves its bottom line. The longer a user spends scrolling, viewing, and engaging on the platform, the more valuable data that is generated and the more ad revenue that rolls in. By overspending advertising solutions on platforms like Facebook, media buyers are empowering these tech monopolies to continue exchanging access for money. This is clear exploitation of access is nothing short of an unfair attempt to increase revenue.

Logically, one would assume that as your page accumulates likes your content reach expands. This expansion in visibility and engagement is actually much less dramatic than the growth that occurs. It is estimated that each post made by a business or individual will only be shown to less than 10% of your followers. In order to actually access the remaining 90% of your audience on Facebook, you must pay to “boost” your posts. So, Facebook is charging you a premium to access an audience that should already be yours.

The winner here is Facebook and not your business. The tech giant is taking an audience that you have acquired through years of hard work and investment, and limiting your access. ReverseAds believes that this audience is yours to engage with and advertise to, which is why we have developed “Reverse Social

Keyword Based Targeting

ReverseAds uses keyword-based targeting to serve ads in real-time based on buyer engagement. ReverseAds appears everywhere a buyer goes inside or outside of the walled gardens of social media, across millions of high-quality websites, all why prioritizing user privacy.

This is achieved in three simple steps…

  1. We identify specific keywords and competitors, and target engagement of users on social media.
  2. Directly after a user leaves the walled gardens of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, we assign a specific keyword to their purchase intent based on their last interaction on social media.
  3. ReverseAds matches back and then onboards all devices ever associated with the user and follows them around the open web and as they travel back across social media until they click and engage with your ads.

The result of Reverse Social is comprehensive access to the highest intent buyers as they leave and return to social media platforms at 50% of the cost of traditional search advertising. ReverseAds increases your scale by reaching buyers across the open web, where consumers spend nearly 70% of their time online.

We’re really excited about the results of “Reverse Social”, as we’ve delivered a reduced CPA when compared to Google for brands like SAP, BMW, Marketo, and more. If you’d like to speak with us on how we can help expand your access to buyers on social media and across the open web, contact us at

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