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How to Help Your Agency’s Clients Stay Competitive

March 31, 2021Agency Clients Stay Competitive

How to help your agency’s clients stay competitive?

Great Pay-per-click advertising agencies are highly sought-after, as successful PPC campaigns offer an average of 200% ROI. This is why marketers are so outspoken about the power of PPC advertising. However, there is a lot of competition among agencies and most have a hard time differentiating their offerings from others in the industry because everyone is so focused on Google. The reality is that the PPC landscape is changing, offering a unique opportunity for agencies that seek new solutions for their clients.

ReverseAds is pioneering the future of digital advertising, through a privacy-first alternative to Google search ads. We have been partnering with agencies worldwide to help them deliver more cost effective and scalable solutions to their clients. One of the most effective solutions for our agency clients is what we call ‘Reverse Competitive Ads’. This approach to advertising makes it possible to redirect traffic that is landing on competitive sites, so that your client can convert these buyers first.

Changing PPC Landscape

Digital advertising is in a state of flux, as governments around the world have been enacting regulations that restrict the targeting being carried out by Tech Giants like Google and Facebook. These regulations are a step in the right direction, as user’s personal data has been collected and exploited for far too long. The challenge for agencies is how to navigate this evolving industry and continue to deliver results on PPC campaigns for clients.

Forward thinking agencies are already deploying multi-channel PPC campaigns that don’t rely on 3rd party cookies. Distributing resources across a variety of strategic pay-per-click initiatives is the safest approach, as the nature of cookies is still changing. However, far too many agencies are still mostly relying on Google and Facebook for at least 70% of their campaigns.
This nearly universal approach limits your agency’s ability to compete and potentially throttles your client’s results. When every agency is offering slight variations of the same PPC services, there is very little room to differentiate yourself and provide innovative solutions to your clients. Furthermore, all money being funneled into Google Ads cements this ethically-questionable Big Tech monolith as the world’s advertising powerhouse. Why continue to pay Big Tech as they turn around and profit off of the world’s data and regularly provide disappointing results on ad campaigns?

Redirect Competitive Traffic

Every business has competitors and is actively seeking solutions that outperform these competitors. Traditional search ads do nothing to account for who is visiting your competitors’ sites and what content they are engaging with. Google might serve your sponsored ad to someone who has visited a competitive site, but this only because that person happened to search for one of your paid keywords. This has nothing to do with intent to purchase, and the correlation is not causation.

ReverseAds is transforming how businesses can get in front of their competitor’s audience by using competitive website data as the catalyst for the triggering of ads. This technology has been transformative for agencies, as they seek solutions for their clients that directly target high intent buyers engaging with competitors.

This process starts with the identification of all competitive sites, which includes specific landing pages or any relevant websites that your potential customers are visiting. We then map these sites in order to identify and acquire data, which is then on-boarded across our network. This anonymized data includes machine IDs, which are then served ads in real-time no matter where they are on the open web. The result is engagement from high intent buyers through full-funnel ad campaigns that deliver hyper-relevant content based on a buyer’s unique interest and engagement with competitor’s sites.

What Does This Mean for Agencies?

This solution presents an entirely new opportunity for agencies looking to offer their clients an exclusive approach to PPC advertising. As agencies compete for customers, relying on the same outdated solutions from Google can only get you so far. All businesses are looking for ways to outmaneuver their competition and new ways to approach advertising outside of Google or Facebook. Now, your agency can provide a solution that directly pulls competitive traffic while also improving data privacy.
If you’d like to learn how to take advantage of developments in keyword advertising, email us at to schedule a time to speak with a ReverseAds Data Intelligence Specialist.

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