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How to Optimize Your Social Media Ad Campaigns

June 3, 2021How to Optimize Your Social Media Ad Campaign

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Many businesses we speak with aren’t seeing the results they need from their social media advertising campaigns. There are millions of people in the walled gardens of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so why aren’t ad campaigns for SMEs generating a strong return on investment?

There are two layers to this conundrum that must be considered. First, running successful ad campaigns requires some savvy. It often takes a fair amount of practice and testing to unlock messaging, visual components, and overall strategy that works for you. This means that businesses must allocate sufficient resources to both the conceptualization and execution of an ad campaign for it to be a success. Many businesses don’t have the time or money to take their social media advertising to the next level, especially when so many platforms exist.

Second, and perhaps most important, social media platforms rank your ads by the total value of your account. This means that accounts with a certain value receive priority, while others lose control of their ad presence. As an example, marketers with high value social media pages receive much more visibility than those with low value. Clearly this discrepancy favors larger organizations with larger budgets, but there is a solution in the form of better technology and fixed CPC.

Looking to the Open-Web

While social media platforms have become hubs for internet users to explore, engage with, and share content, a majority of users spend most of their time outside of these platforms. In fact, 66% of people’s time is spent outside of these platforms and on the open web. This presents an opportunity to connect with the same users that are on Facebook and Twitter, but outside of those walled gardens where they are actually spending most of their time.

We have developed an AdTech solution that does just that, connects your social media audience with your website visitors. This approach relies on anonymized keyword engagement data to pinpoint what users are engaging with on social media in order to serve these high intent consumers ads on the open web.

Social Media Advertising Solution

One Social Media Advertising Solution

A major challenge for SMEs looking to advertise on social media is the array of platforms and strategies required to succeed. Each platform has its own processes and algorithms, which requires a nuanced approach. If your brand is not considered a high value account on any of these platforms then you are at a significant disadvantage. Combined with the necessity of a unique strategy for each platform, now even more time and money need to be allocated to ensure success.

The ReverseAds “Reverse Social” solution is for companies that want to optimize their social media ad campaigns from both a cost and performance perspective. We help businesses pinpoint users with the most intent to purchase across multiple social media platforms. These users are engaging with content that is heavily aligned with your offerings, whether it is from your profile, aggregate profiles, or even your competitors’ profile. Once we pinpoint this engagement, we assign users keywords that allow us to improve the accuracy of your targeting so that you get in front of these potential customers at their most receptive moments on their path to purchase.

Now, instead of running separate campaigns across various social platforms, you can use our all-in-one service that expands your audience size with easy access to data from all platforms combined. The interoperability of these campaigns broadens the scope and accuracy by incorporating cross-platform data while also using the open-web for much more engagement. As soon as your audience leaves the walled gardens of social media, they begin to receive ads that are hyper-relevant to them.

At the core of this improved functionality is a fixed-CPC pricing model. Currently, businesses are bidding for overpriced keywords, and paying amounts that are heavily manipulated due to the bidding model. Our fixed-CPC model eliminates inflated costs associated with keywords by using industry averages as the base of pricing. You don’t have to worry about prices fluctuating or being outbid by a high-value account, as you can lock in a CPC for the duration of your campaign.

We understand how social media monoliths are squeezing their advertising customers, and this is why we are aiming to shift the paradigm. Despite the power of these platforms, advertising on them can still be significantly improved through intuitive technology that restores balance. Instead of prioritizing high value accounts, we are leveling the playing field.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we are improving social media ad campaigns for our global clients, contact us at

By Andrew Saltzman

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