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How to Simplify Recruitment Advertising

December 1, 2020recruitmet digital advertising

Modern recruiter’s face several advertising challenges, mostly driven by developments in technology and big data. As most businesses and professionals have migrated to the digital space, job search and hiring processes have changed dramatically.

Now, as recruiters attempt to appeal to these potential clients and candidates, they must account for expectations related to the use of social media, digital communications, and the latest technologies. All of these mediums for advertising complicate the job of recruiters. This is compounded by the fact that they must simultaneously build both sides of their recruitment business – clients and candidates.

While these advertising complexities weigh heavily on recruiters, there are ways to simplify recruitment advertising while still checking all of the boxes required to succeed.

Assigning Keywords

Assigning Keywords

Keywords have the potential to completely transform a recruiter’s approach to advertising. Many businesses already understand how keywords are purchased and used to rank in google search ads. What these businesses don’t know is that keywords can be utilized in a much more powerful way.

ReverseAds has created a proprietary algorithm that is used to assign keywords to individuals as they browse the web, visiting, clicking, and engaging with online content. In the case of a recruiter or recruitment firm, this algorithm makes it easy to simultaneously build both sides of a recruiter’s business through highly targeted and smart ad campaigns.

A common challenge for companies looking to hire is finding the right talent to match specific needs. Keywords make it possible to understand the exact type of candidate that a company wants to hire so that recruiters can serve ads that speak to these needs.

ReverseAds uses recruitment based keywords to determine which companies are looking for recruitment services. Using our algorithm, we specifically target people based on the hiring-related keywords they are searching for and their role within the company.

Concerning the discovery of new candidates, keywords can be used within social media sites like LinkedIn to identify people who are actively searching for jobs. These job seekers can be matched with open positions based on a company’s specific segmentation and needs.

Essentially, keywords make it simple to pinpoint clients and candidates, understand their specific needs, and appeal to them through intuitive advertising. This process incorporates machine learning technology to bridge the gap between social media and other avenues of online communication.

Job Board Redirect

If you are a recruiter, you are more than familiar with online job boards. These platforms are buzzing with talent seeking their next employment opportunity, and companies looking to hire. Managing the use of all these job boards and ensuring that you are targeting the right people is a massive undertaking. This alone can become a full-time job, as there are copious amounts of information to sift through.

Many recruiters don’t know that it is possible to redirect traffic that is going to pages and sub-pages of these job boards. The traffic is highly targeted and is from people who are actively searching for jobs. It is possible to segment this traffic based on specific functions, industries, and job titles, simplifying the process of matching the perfect candidates with ideal jobs. By automating this process recruiters can create a consistent pipeline of qualified candidates flowing in real-time.
The ReverseAds Recruitment Builder

Through our collaboration with serial entrepreneur, James Caan, we have created a dedicated solution for recruiters aiming to simplify and supercharge their digital advertising. James Caan brought his decades of recruitment experience to the table and helped us address the struggle that many recruiters have with overly complex advertising processes.

We have taken the keyword and redirect components outlined above and incorporated them into this comprehensive ad tech tool. This solution is unique in that it builds both sides of a recruiter’s business. Whether prospects are on job boards, social media platforms, or other websites, recruiters now have visibility of where clients and candidates are going and when they are most receptive to certain advertising.

If you’d like to learn how to take advantage of the ReverseAds ‘Recruitment Builder’, and build both sides of your business simultaneously. Email us at to schedule a time to speak with a ReverseAds Data Intelligence Specialist.

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