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Mapping / Decrypting the Open Internet

May 31, 2022Dynamic Advertising

Marketing is an essential part of every business and the goal is always to put the right product in front of your ideal customer at the right time. Doing this hasn’t always been easy, but it is has now become easier than ever thanks to the evolution of technology.

With the help of AI and machine learning, advertisers can now get even more specific in their ads with predictive targeting and personalization. This is because, unlike humans, AI and machine learning can process enormous amounts of data to make precise predictions. These predictions will enable businesses to get the right ad in front of the right individual at the right time, even without any of their personal information.

Using AI And Machine Learning To Map The Open Internet

When considering the open internet for your campaigns, it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed by the scope. We’re talking about 1.2 billion websites, social platforms, web apps, and more. This is way too much for any human to analyze one their own, but it’s not too much for AI and machine learning. In fact, with the help of AI technology, mapping the open internet is easier than one would think.

However, even though it is easier than most people think, it still has a steep learning curve. This alone has kept many businesses from advertising on the open internet.

For this reason, ReverseAds has decided to lead the charge and increase ad campaigns on the open internet by mapping it for businesses who want to advertise there. Without going too deep into our methodology, we use keyword data to map the open internet and predict where a user is going on their path to purchase.

Predicting a buyer’s purchase decisions is done by analyzing their engagement with other online content. The keywords related to the websites they explore, the videos they watch, and the blogs they read will tell us a story that helps you map the open internet.

Every website can be crawled to find the keywords associated with your product or service. These keywords will also help you map the path to purchase because they have the power to connect the dots, enabling you accurately predict where the buyer is heading next. As the keywords accumulate, a buyer’s profile begins to take shape, and connections are made. We call this a ‘keyword cluster’, and we use this cluster to determine where on the path to purchase the buyer currently is.

We’ve done all of this by leveraging the power of machine learning and AI, and so can you. Here are a few more advantages of mapping the open internet.

Dynamic Advertising

One of the most significant benefits of mapping the open internet is being able to optimize and personalize the ads that you serve. Every platform is different, and by using AI and machine learning to understand what makes a campaign successful, brands can serve dynamic ads that fit the ways they’re being consumed.

Using the wealth of data available on the open internet to understand which content performs best in each setting, will also help you serve the right ads at the right time. This data meets storytelling approach is sure to garner valuable engagement from consumers.

Transcending Single Platforms

Single platforms like Facebook have their place in the advertising industry. In many cases, they can and do get you results. The problem is that most businesses rely on single platforms alone.

The issue with relying solely on single platforms is that you’re missing all of the customer time spent elsewhere along with the trust that comes with open internet advertising. It’s like trying to tell an entire story in a single chapter to an audience that doesn’t trust you. By choosing to advertise on the open internet, you will be able to amplify your reach and create memorable touchpoints that transcend a single platform.

Creating a Brand Thread

A smart advertiser knows that consumers travel the web with different intentions on each site they visit. For this reason, creating touchpoints across the internet is essential. These touchpoints will then create a brand thread that can be traced from site to platform to app, telling a unique story and appealing to consumers in nuanced ways.

Each touchpoint in the thread should have an ad that accounts for where and when the consumer is seeing the ad. The open internet also allows for the brand thread to develop over time, leaving consumers with memorable ad experiences that speak to their needs.


The use of AI and machine learning is an opportunity that cannot be missed. Businesses that want to remain competitive must be open to a more targeted and nuanced approach. Mapping the open internet with AI and machine learning holds the key to that approach. This is an approach based on data, not hunches, making it the biggest most effective opportunity in advertising today.

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