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Neuromarketing with an Open Internet Mindset

July 20, 2022Neuromarketing Online Advertising Strategy

The term “Open Internet” might still be new to many marketers, but it is quickly becoming a defining factor in advertising strategies across industries. The term refers to a fundamental network and a concept of neutrality that’s applied to ensure services are free from biases that could slow or block sites in order to favor certain participants.

Most of us use the open internet every day. We navigate the web, moving from platform to e-commerce site to industry blog with ease. Specific tasks and focused intent bring us to the open internet, as we seek knowledge, products and services with a more defined goal than on social media. Our state of mind as consumers on the open internet is much different than on social media, and advertisers should be paying attention.

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Trusted Channels

We detailed the lack of trust that users have for social media, but the open internet is not held in such contempt. 77% of users trust articles found across the open internet more than on social media. Similarly, 40% of people say that ads on the open internet are most relevant, while only 18% of people find facebook ads relevant.

Most people stick to their habits, and as internet users our habits can be seen in the sites we visit regularly and the places that we often engage. Everyone has their interests, whether personal or professional and over time we fall into patterns in which we feel comfortable engaging with sites and platforms that deepen our connection to these interests. Industry sites, aggregates, community platforms, content hubs, mobile apps and social feeds all exist within our most commonly visited and most trusted sites.

Brands that can tap into these trusted channels in a way that aligns with the audience can generate valuable engagement over time and leave consumers with memorable touchpoints without the limitations of specific walled garden digital advertising platforms.

Positive Brand Memories

The mindset and perspective of social media users is passive, manipulated, and difficult to engage with, making it difficult to leave positive brand memories. The open internet is much different, and with the help of AI ad experiences can be catered to audiences in order to leave consumers with positive experiences engaging with your brand.

As technology starts empowering users to own their data and control access, brands can deploy privacy-first campaigns aligned with user interest from the start. This helps ensure that each touchpoint across the open internet is impactful, fueling positive brand recognition into the future.

Active Audiences

Consumers use the open internet to conduct specific tasks. Whether it be to learn more about industry-specific solutions or seek out the best appliance for a new kitchen renovation. There is intent behind the actions being conducted, and a level of focus that makes the mind receptive to new information. 61% of people’s time is spent traversing the open internet, which means there is significant opportunity in strategically advertising to these individuals.

Free from Walled Gardens

Consumers don’t restrict themselves to single social media platforms, they tend to naturally seek out all of the platforms, sites, and apps that add value. Brands should be similarly free from the restrictions of siloed platforms and empowered to run borderless campaigns that inspire engagement across the entire open internet.


Neuromarketing is the best way to understand what your customers need and give them what they want. It gives you the ability to know exactly what appeals to them and it helps you serve them a lot better in the long run.

Implementing focused neuromarketing strategies on the Open Internet will help you in effective ad targeting, deliver enhanced user experience, and thereby lead to conversion.

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