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How Does Design Affect Conversion

Create to Convert: How Does Design Affect Conversions?

Conversion advertising is an innovative form of digital advertising that focuses on producing customized, highly-converting creatives to increase conversions.

B2B and B2C audience

Serve the Right Digital Ads to your B2B and B2C Audience

The main difference between B2B and B2C marketing is the audience that you’re targeting. Business-to-business (B2B) marketers focus on key decision-makers
e-commerce conversion

Strategies to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate

Since the very first online sale in 1994, E-commerce has evolved in many ways, bringing significant changes to the global economic scene. This thriving
what is cross-channel marketing

What is Cross-Channel Marketing?

Keeping up with shifts in purchasing behaviour throughout the buyer’s journey is increasingly difficult. Technological developments have expanded
can AdTech scale

Can AdTech Scale The Walled Gardens?

As consumers and business owners, the internet has opened the door to every piece of information that we desire. We have grown accustomed to this access and
evolution of SEO

The Evolution of SEO

SEO might seem like a simple acronym that is used to describe the process of optimizing websites. However, it’s actually a sophisticated tool that drives web
recruitmet digital advertising

How to Simplify Recruitment Advertising

Modern recruiter’s face several advertising challenges, mostly driven by developments in technology and big data. As most businesses and professionals have

Behind the Google Antitrust Lawsuit

The looming Google lawsuit has transfixed millions of curious tech and legal


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