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status of data privacy

The Current Status of Data Privacy

For many years, product quality was the most critical concern for consumers when considering where to do business. Now, in 2020, as digital technology has

programmatic digital advertising

The Long, Slow Death of Programmatic

Digital advertising has gone through many transformations since the first online ad ran in 1994. Now, in 2020, we are on the cusp of the next major shift.
considered purchase path predictive roadmap

Considered Purchase Paths and the Predictive Roadmap

As we speak, advertising is being transformed by A.I. and machine learning technologies. While past performance data informed old marketing strategies,
most expensive ppc keywords

The World’s Most Expensive Keywords

The primary function of a keyword is to drive traffic to your site by making your offerings highly visible within search results. These keywords are most
Unstructured Data

The Untouched World of Unstructured Data

Heavily cryptic and barely explored sets of data span the internet like stars spattered across the sky. These sets of data are what computer scientists refer
fixed PPC advertising model

Why Are You Still Bidding for Keywords

Businesses around the world are allocating a significant percentage of their digital advertising budgets for search ads. However, these businesses realize that
the new online buyers journey

The NEW Buyer’s Journey

Despite how much we all love search ads, they’re under-performing for many businesses while alternative solutions gain traction. On average, 60% of

5 Reasons Search Falls Short in Considered Purchase Paths

Despite how much we all love search ads, they’re under-performing for many businesses


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