Explore the list of global brands that have worked with ReverseAds to improve their ad campaigns at a fraction of the cost of traditional search ads.

ReverseAds EcoSystem

ReverseAds Obtains a Granted Patent from USPTO for its Revolutionary Keyword Assignment Model for Online Advertising

ReverseAds, an award-winning keyword advertising platform for the open web offering the first true alternative to Google Ads, today announces that the US

ReverseAds Singapore

Reverseads Relocates Headquarters to Singapore to Accelerate Regional Expansion

ReverseAds, a leading keyword advertising technology company offering the first true alternative to traditional keyword search advertising platforms serving
PPC target search intent

PPC: The Digital Hero of Advertising?

Saving Marketers from Stormy Weather to Clear Skies It’s difficult for us to imagine a world where we didn’t look to the internet for anything that we
Giacomo Colaianni Interview

A chat with Giacomo Colaianni (Jack), Head of Product Strategy

Preparing ReverseAds for a data-informed future Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work, as the common adage goes. After years spent in the advertising
Facebook vs Google vs ReverseAds Partner Program

Google, Facebook, vs ReverseAds – Which Partner Program is Better?

A Comparison of Google, Facebook and ReverseAds Working with a marketing partner is a long-term commitment, which is why it’s so important to select the
Google Ads Surcharge

Advertisers: Pawns in Google’s Market Monopoly

Passing on The Cost for Digital Service Taxes and Other Controversial Tactics “As of 1 October 2021, we (Google) will include a surcharge (from 2% –
genuine and invalid traffic

The Separation of Genuine and Invalid Traffic

Remember to Look Both Ways to Avoid Incoming Fraud We’ve all ‘accidentally’ clicked on an ad that remotely resembled what we’re looking for, only to

How Much is Click Fraud Costing You?

Although programmatic technologies allow brands with a better understanding of their


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