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Increase Landing Page Conversion

How to Create a Landing Page that Increases Website Conversion

From Open Web to Dream Destination Online Ads are a fantastic way to generate leads, but it’s only half of the bigger picture. As someone expresses interest

long-tail keywords

How To Build Long-Tail Keywords That Convert For Your Ad Campaigns

Focusing on long-tail keywords in your ads is one way to boost your online ad campaign’s performance. With 70% of search traffic coming from long-tail
Considered Purchase Product

Considering The Key Differences Between Impulse vs Considered Purchase Products’ Marketing

Considered Purchase Digital Marketing Strategies That Matter A considered purchase process requires meaningful research and comparison by key decision-makers
Buyer Persona

How to Build an Accurate Buyer Persona for Your Ad Campaigns

Understanding your target audience The Buyer Persona. A term that’s thrown around a lot but rendered useless if you don’t know how to make full use of it.
long-tail keywords in PPC

How to Decrease Cost and Improve ROI for Long-tail E-Commerce

Consistent conversions on long-tail e-commerce niches are any e-commerce marketer’s dream. These niche products contribute a significant chunk of your
Static vs Video Ads

Static Ads vs Video Ads

It’s 2021, and consumers are becoming numb to digital advertising. Businesses already understand how critical it is to build an online presence, given the
campaign goal

Hit the ground running: How to set a Campaign Goal?

RAD your way to the finish line Online marketing without a goal is detrimental to a brand’s growth. Imagine having done up multiple campaigns, gone through

Adtech Startup from Thailand, ReverseAds, Wins Frontier Digital Technologies Award at SLINGSHOT 2021

Minicorn Startup’s Trailblazing Success is Set to Transform the Online Advertising


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