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AI modern Advertiser
AI Enables Modern Advertisers to Use True One-to-One Targeting

As advertising technology advances, it is finally becoming possible marketers to act on 100% verified 1:1 targeting. One-to-one targeting and communications

Data Privacy Impact
Futureproof Your Digital Advertising from the Data Privacy Impact of iOS 14.5
Google and Facebook ads will be the most affected; this is why we offer a digital advertising solution that protect brands while delivering effective results.
How to Optimize Your Social Media Ad Campaign
How to Optimize Your Social Media Ad Campaigns
We understand how social media monoliths are squeezing their advertising customers, and this is why we are aiming to shift the paradigm.
Reclaim Your Data with Distributed Web
Reclaim Your Data with The Distributed Web
Don’t feel like reading? Listen to this blog instead Let’s be honest, as long as we continue to allow corporations to collect and store our data, they will
Digital Advertising Algorithms
Algorithms…The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Don’t feel like reading? Listen to this blog instead The proliferation of predictive modeling has opened the door to transformative technological
How to Stop Click Fraud
How to Stop Click Fraud
While publishers attempt to sort out short-term solutions for an industry-wide problem, ReverseAds has been focused on long term solutions through innovative
Big Tech vs Australia
Big Tech vs Australia
Ad Monopoly: The Next Front in the Ongoing War to Curb Big Tech Overreach The world-first pay-for-news law, News Media Bargaining Code—passed by the
Is Start-up Funding a Rigged Game?

Don’t feel like reading? Listen to this blog instead VC funding in the United States


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