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Kills Your Brand

Advertising Fraud: Kill It Before It Kills Your Brand

How to Protect Your Digital Ad Investments Online advertising, like any other sphere of business, is an attractive one to fraudsters. With over $455 billion

Ad Automation

Ad Automation, Personalized Marketing and The Privacy Paradox

Can Advertising Automation Strike a Balance Between Personalization and User Privacy? By 2023, 70% of the world’s population will have their personal
TechInAsia Pitch Night

ReverseAds Wins Tech in Asia’s Virtual Pitch Night for Best Tech Product

CEO’s Pitch Impresses Tech in Asia’s Panel of Judges Hundreds of rising startups across Asia eagerly await Tech in Asia’s annual virtual pitch night
3rd Party Cookies

Behind the Scenes of Google’s Third-Party Cookies Fiasco

A Beginner’s Guide to The Cookie Apocalypse and a Cookie-less Future In June 2021, Google announced that it is delaying its plans to phase out third-party
PPC Fraud Protection

Click Fraud: Innovating Beyond PPC Fraud Protection

A Better PPC Advertising Future That Confronts Google’s Negligence Did you know that one in five clicks on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are invalid? PPC
AI modern Advertiser

AI Enables Modern Advertisers to Use True One-to-One Targeting

As advertising technology advances, it is finally becoming possible marketers to act on 100% verified 1:1 targeting. One-to-one targeting and communications
Data Privacy Impact

Futureproof Your Digital Advertising from the Data Privacy Impact of iOS 14.5

Google and Facebook ads will be the most affected; this is why we offer a digital advertising solution that protect brands while delivering effective results.

How to Optimize Your Social Media Ad Campaigns

We understand how social media monoliths are squeezing their advertising customers, and


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