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Blockchain Advertising Resolution

The Blockchain Advertising Revolution

Digital ads should not require the disclosure of personal data. Blockchain technology ensures that data is shielded from the prying eyes of

Does Facebook Track You

Does Facebook Track You When You’re Logged Out?

Don’t feel like reading? Listen to this blog instead Be aware… when entering the walled gardens of Facebook, almost everything you do is being
Google Chrome Harvesting Your Data

Did You Know that Google Chrome is Harvesting Your Data?

The truth is that there is no reason for a browser to collect user data to the degree that Chrome
Agency Clients Stay Competitive

How to Help Your Agency’s Clients Stay Competitive

It’s now possible to redirect competitive traffic, so that your client can convert these buyers first.
Google Protecting Own Power

The Truth Behind Google’s End to 3rd Party Cookies

Don’t feel like reading? Listen to this blog instead The eventual end of 3rd party cookie data as a tracking mechanism within digital advertising has
Predict Path to Purchase

Predict Where Your Customer is Going on Their Path to Purchase

Keywords and Machine Learning can help businesses predict where a buyer is going next and what content they will be receptive to.
Google Banned Industries

Google Banned Industries

Do you ever consider how Big Tech is imposing its worldview on us and controlling business outcomes for brands? The tech giants are increasingly encroaching on

Are Media Buyers Fueling Surveillance Capitalism?

The anti-big tech movement starts with media buyers, who have the choice to spend on


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