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The Future of Advertising is Adless

April 8, 2021Future of Advertising is Adless

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Advertising has existed for thousands of years. Historians have traced the origins back to the Egyptians use of papyrus to promote goods and services or the Romans using mosaics to advertise their wares. Now, in 2021, advertising has become pervasive across the globe, as brands today compete for customers within the digital space.

As we push forward into a new decade, the very nature of advertising is still shifting, and we expect value to return to the medium in a way that prioritizes the consumer. With the help of blockchain and the distributed web, advertising will become predictive sources of information that increase the user’s experience. Instead of intrusive devices that steal data from users, advertising will return data back to users. All of this will be achieved without “ads” as we currently know them.

The Current State of Digital Advertising

Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet. As it stands now, the transition from physical to digital advertising has shifted the industry and positioned a few big tech companies at the helm of the proverbial ship. Instead of a useful tool to inform consumers on their purchasing decisions, ads have become empty impressions that hardly register within our subconscious, and most people even consider a them a nuisance. How can someone find value in ads when they are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 of them every day?

As we’ve sat back and allowed big tech giants like Google and Facebook to hijack the internet, these ethically questionable companies have also cleverly taken control of the advertising industry. These corporations have realized that the product they are selling is actually us… the users. As a result, they collect our data and sell it off to the highest bidder under the guise of “targeted advertising”.

Now, 21 years after the launch of Google AdWords, the internet has devolved into a herding mechanism for big tech to funnel users into their walled gardens, manipulating our behavior and profiting off of our existence. People are no longer connected to each other, but rather Google, Facebook, and Amazon data centers. These data centers have the power to flip a switch and discontinue our access at any time. This is why it is time to take back the internet, and return it to the people.

Advertising Industry Future

What Does the Future Look Like?

As we look forward to what the future holds, one thing is abundantly clear, individuals and businesses desire a digital world in which privacy is prioritized and equitable opportunities exist for all businesses. In order to achieve these things, advertising must change and power must be seized from big tech.

Blockchain is playing a critical role in the direction that advertising is heading. This disruptive technology makes it possible to return the value of data back to consumers by cutting out the middleman and bringing transparency to the advertising industry. What this means is advertising that is consent based will flourish, as it will increase the value of a user’s internet experience.

ReverseAds is preparing for this future by building a solution that seamlessly bridges the gap between blockchain or distributed web and the internet as we currently know it. This solution is one that is adless.

Can Advertising Be Adless?

You might be asking yourself… how can advertising be adless?

As soon as advertising becomes consent based, a paradigm shift occurs in which the medium truly serves the end-user. Instead of intrusive ads that ruin the internet experience, ReverseAds delivers guides or almanacs meant to elevate user experience and provide relevant information.

The delivery of these guides will all function on the blockchain with consent from users, helping reclaim user data from big tech clouds and returning it to its rightful owners. This is a complete transformation of the advertising ecosystem. This transformation increases the value of a user’s internet experience while helping brands connect with consumers that actually want to receive their content.

Considering the massive changes underway within advertising, such as the death of 3rd party cookies and the mainstream adoption of blockchain, it’s time to seek innovative solutions. If you’re not preparing for these changes, then you could be risking your company’s future. Now is the time to break the chains of big tech and seek out privacy-first advertising solutions that will successfully carry your brand into the future.

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