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The Untouched World of Unstructured Data

December 1, 2020Unstructured Data

Heavily cryptic and barely explored sets of data span the internet like stars spattered across the sky. These sets of data are what computer scientists refer to as unstructured data. Unstructured data exists in an unorganized state, and its lack of pattern makes it difficult to search for and data-mine. These mysterious data sets possess enormous potential, especially as it relates to keyword advertising for considered purchase path (CPP) products.

Dissecting Unstructured Data

Most of the data that exists is unstructured. It is estimated that big data as a whole consists of 80-90% unstructured data. As if this data’s current volume isn’t confounding enough, experts state that it is growing by 55-65% per year. It will likely grow to reach 40 zettabytes this year (2020).

The form that this data takes can be text-based or non-textual and is generated from both humans and machines. Due to the range of sources that this data comes from, there is a lot of variety to its contents. Humans are responsible for unstructured data from social media, email, communications, websites, video, audio, business applications, and more. On the other hand, machines commonly generate unstructured data from sensors, surveillance devices, satellites, and various pieces of scientific machinery.

The volume and variety of unstructured data make it extremely difficult to locate and store. While simpler forms of data can be housed in a conventional database or even within spreadsheets, this data has proven to be more challenging to locate, harvest, and organize. However, more recently, AI technology has advanced and now offers analytics solutions and tools to address these challenges. As a result, businesses are starting to realize the true power of unstructured data.

revenue in Big Data

The Power is in the Data

Many business leaders now view data as the world’s most valuable resource. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are generating billions of dollars in revenue with big data. Naturally, the value that unstructured data contains should raise eyebrows, as it represents a vast majority of all big data that exists. This fact has accelerated the exploration of technology that assists in the analysis and management of this data.

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to construct algorithms that locate and siphon the gigantic pools of unstructured data to generate business insights that inform and improve operations. The power that exists within this data is only just beginning to be explored. Forward-thinking businesses are already mining unstructured data and generating actionable insights in customer analytics and marketing intelligence.

Consider for a moment the competitive advantages gleaned from unstructured data that illuminate patterns of consumer behavior based on product reviews, social media posts, chat bot conversations, website visits, and more. Marketing strategies can be swiftly created, adjusted, and refined in ways informed by real-world patterns of behavior from all of these valuable data sources. The power that exists in the form of unstructured data is just beginning to be liberated. This is leading to businesses successfully utilizing it to inform new avenues of operations.

improved keyword advertising

How Unstructured Data Improves Keyword Advertising

For years now, keywords have functioned as “bait” to locate potential customers via search ads, attract them to websites, and ultimately secure conversions. Unstructured data is helping reverse engineer this process. Keyword data can now be leveraged to determine customer intent and predict where they will visit after their initial search. This predictive intelligence offers brands the ability to anticipate consumer behavior and unlock lucrative media opportunities that are optimized through unstructured data.

CPP products are proving to be ideal for this predictive approach to advertising, as potential customers on these purchase paths are spending extended periods of time conducting research and informing their eventual decision. This amount of time spent on the path to purchase results in the generation of meaningful amounts of unstructured data, which can be mined, analyzed, stored, and understood in real-time to fuel keyword advertising strategies.

As soon as keywords are recognized within the unstructured data that is generated from a user’s activity, it is then used to assess whether they have true intent to purchase. This is determined by the combination of specific keywords and the order in which these keywords are used. Two or three keywords generated from the same user across the entirety of their web activity demonstrates much more purchase intent than a single keyword only searched once on Google. This data provides depth to every keyword, which predicts where a user will stop next on their path to purchase. As soon as the user makes that stop, an optimized ad is served.

This approach to keyword advertising is proving to be transformative across CPP industries and offers media buyers a much more informed solution to advertising than traditional keyword-based search ads.

Traditional buyer’s roadmaps have become outdated, and technology has transformed the advertising landscape. The use of unstructured data gives companies a chance to improve their understanding of potential customers and what stage they are at on their considered path to purchase.

Media buyers for brands that operate within the most competitive CPP industries are starting to turn to ReverseAds to help inform strategies and predict media opportunities. ReverseAds is pioneering this approach to keyword advertising. We empower brands to be everywhere after search. The ReverseAds cookieless solution protects customer privacy while meeting the demands (and behaviors) of consumers across purchase path industries who expect information and presence throughout their entire considered purchase roadmap.

Media buyers seek solutions that address the new buyer’s journey and account for growing demands from both B2B and B2C customers. We empower brands to be where search results can’t be – delivering a 360º presence throughout the entire non-linear buyer’s journey. The ReverseAds cookieless solution protects customer privacy while meeting consumer demands (and behaviors) across purchase path industries who expect information and presence throughout their entire considered purchase roadmap.If you’d like to learn how you can reduce the CPC of an ad campaign while increasing ROI, visit  or email us at  to schedule a time to speak with a ReverseAds Data Intelligence Specialist.

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