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Top B2B Marketing Strategies That Will Sleigh the Competition

October 27, 2021B2B holiday marketing strategies

Establishing Market Presence this Holiday Season

Marketers, we’re almost through the year and Michael Bublé’s almost done defrosting – are you ready for the holiday season?

Albeit different from past years, the holiday season always generates a lot of buzz around marketing and shopping. Many companies have shifted toward digitalisation, and this has seemingly worked well in these times since social media and technological trends have become so ingrained in our cultures.

The B2C marketing landscape has employed many different techniques to ensure that they stand out from the crowd. From gamification and Instagram ‘memeification’ ads to influencer marketing, a new wave of modern-day marketing has taken over the market.

You’re not just competing against your competitor’s strategies; you’re also competing against the last great experience that they had. Imagine having a fantastic slice of pizza by a roadside hawker, and a few days later, you’re invited to eat pizza again, but at a restaurant. It tastes great but not as amazing as the one you had previously, because “it’s just not the same”.

That’s what you’re constantly up against.

It’s not all about paid media strategy these days, it’s also about the customer’s journey; where and how will you take them? They have to be the center and focus of your brand’s entire experience from start to end, and even post-transaction.

3 Presents Beneath the Fireplace


Hyper-local, hyper-personalize, hyper-focus. Everything you do has to be customer centric. Understanding what your customers want will also help to boost loyalty and image, and eventually drive more traffic and buzz to your brand.

Hyper-personalization can help to attract better quality clients for the long term, such as a personalized LinkedIn outreach, where a brand could search for relevant key-decision makers and fine-tune the pitch to make it more relevant to their needs. Following that, behavioral segmentation can be employed to help further personalize each stage of the sales funnel to their needs. You’ll be able to communicate more precisely and make sure that your products are relevant to your target customers.

B2B marketing today is almost similar to B2C; you would still have to entice businesses at the individual level – the key decision makers. Using the right ad tech tool to automate data collection and analysis can help businesses deliver targeted solutions and personal service in every single interaction with clients.

2.Project: Re-assessment

Old is not gold, in marketing terms.

With the world changing rapidly, tactics that worked last year won’t necessarily work the way it did, especially during the holiday season with many are forecasting a big boom in online sales as some markets are beginning to reopen and recover. We have seen an 32.3% increase in online shopping last year with big events like ‘Black Friday’ reaching its peak of USD $100 billion in sales for the first time.

This remains relevant for the B2B market.

Reassessment also relates to relooking at trends and differing modern-day solutions, such as hyper-personalization and targeted remarketing. As most clients don’t convert during their first visit to a website, they may need a few reminders before converting into a customer. This is particularly true in B2B marketing where average order values tend to be high and decisions may need to go through multiple levels for approval.

By setting your remarketing ads to trigger based on specific URL visits, you’ll be able to re-target different sets of users for whom you did not have an email address, like private accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook, and even first-time site visitors.

The marketing landscape is always changing, and it helps to remain updated. Start by optimizing your advertising budget for wider reach, collating first party data and adopting efficient automation means to drive traffic and customers to your website. This will help immensely in hyper-emphasizing everything for your customers.

3.Reverse ABM Ads

Account-Based Marketing, or ABM for short, is a multichannel strategy that helps you to efficiently access the exact decision-makers in need of your products and services through the help of a marketing team.

Here at ReverseAds, we understand that your ad campaigns have to have a wide reach across large and diverse audiences. Our very own campaign team can guarantee you access to these professionals, and will help you to generate and convert potential customers effectively.

Through the creation of an accurate list of decision makers, we will be able to serve dynamic ads towards them, and will allow you to target and convert key decision-makers. From identifying key decision makers to data mining LinkedIn, company websites, and professional networks, we will help to ensure that your budget is spent both effectively and efficiently, delivering a profitable return on marketing investment.

Are you an agency preparing holiday campaigns for your clients?

Investing in the right marketing or advertising partner will help you to optimize both internal and external resources. With us, we’ll ensure to sharpen your business’s competitive edge, and that we will remain transparent and committed throughout the partnership.

‘Could you show us some results?’

We’ve been working with a worldwide pharmaceutical business to increase their online sales with a budget of $16,800 for 60 days. On the last stretch of the campaign, we used $4000 to generate 500 purchase-ready website visitors. This gave an average of 2.5x ROI.

For a Black Friday campaign of a well-known hearing aid brand, we spent less than $1,000 that amounted to over 278,000 impressions with 5 conversions over 6 days of the Black Friday sale – achieving a total of 5x in campaign ROI.

Keeping up with the Seasons

Digital marketers should always invest in multiple ad formats to keep customers on their toes throughout the season. Interactive marketing, AR/VR methods, or even gamification, these are just some of the many ways in which you can target a wide variety of audience while staying fresh and interesting.

We look forward to seeing all of your brilliant marketing ideas this holiday season, and if you need any assistance in searching for that sweet spot, feel free to contact us.

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