Customer success story

Re/Max increases ROI on keyword spending while decreasing their total CPL for Chicago-based realtors


As a leader in the real estate industry, Re/Max Chicago was struggling to see an ROI on their highest volume keywords due to the prices being driven up by competitive bidding. Like all considered purchase path brands, this was affecting their ability to engage in both long and short term windows and to effectively take advantage of the full buyer’s journey. Collectively, each of these challenges was leading to a reduction in both viewings and sales.


Re/Max reallocated 50% of their Chicago search budget with ReverseAds as part of a 90-day test. The focus was to improve results generated by their top 100 keywords that traditionally drove the highest volume of viewings. ReverseAds deployed its assignment algorithm to follow the exact same people that utilized these top keywords throughout the web — across searches, social media, and all of their connected devices in order to determine purchase intent and serve optimized ads in each channel relevant to the customer’s place in the buyer’s journey.
“We saved 75% on our top 100 performing keywords while decreasing our total cost per email acquisition by over $26.”


As a result of ReverseAds, Re/Max reduced their search advertising budget by 75% while also decreasing their total cost per lead for realtors in Chicago. This led to 754 new home viewings and a 57% reduction in cost-per-lead in the first 60 days of the trial period.


75% reduction in search advertising budget

754 new home viewings were booked in the 90-day trial

57% reduction in cost-per-lead