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What makes ReverseAds different from other digital advertising services?

What sets ReverseAds apart from other online advertising services is our ability to deliver keyword Intent advertising at 50% the cost of AdWords through a new media methodology we like to call Acquisition Retargeting.

What is Acquisition ReTargeting?

Acquisition ReTargeting uses the effectiveness of traditional retargeting by following identified intent customers for 30 days and combining it with the recency and specificity of search advertising in a manner that outperforms AdWords by 200%.

What products does ReverseAds provide?

Acquisition ReTargeting is our core strategy and is the foundation for all of our campaigns. All of our other products are used to supplement the effectiveness of our Acquisition ReTargeting strategy.

Competitive Redirect - We focus on competitor keywords and terms and follow only these users to redirect them from your competitors' properties to your own, driving sales and increasing market share.

Search ReTargeting - We focus on purchase intent originating from users' historical search data. This gives us the ability to find the right customers that are looking for your services.

Social ReTargeting - We derive purchase intent originating from users' social media presence and retarget them on social platforms.

CRM ReTargeting - We take your email databases and use these lists of old customers, or people that have already interacted with your brand to retarget them back to your web properties.

How is ReTargeting a scalable way to get new customers?

Acquisition ReTargeting focuses solely on new customers who have never visited your site and have demonstrated intent for your offer via search, social, ad exchanges, or even offline lists, etc. Our method creates an audience 200% the size of any search audience due to the higher variety of intent identification.

How does ReverseAds obtain our data?

Our data process began over 15 years ago at Oracle. Our founder created a data mining process to identify every company in the world with the highest probability of being at an evolution point (based on growth or an event at the company) where they would engage in discussions around Oracle software. The data continued to evolve at Valassis (a $3 billion direct marketing company) where both of our founders were executives focused on creating an entire digital footprint for all of the U.S. & Canada. This digital footprint was meant to mirror Valassis' home delivery to every house in N. America. With the data mining logic of Oracle and over 250 consumer data partnerships from Valassis, the process of Acquisition Retargeting and ReverseAds was born.

ReverseAds identifies specific keyword intent through:

  • Historical searches for the 12% of searches outside of Google.
  • Exit points when consumers leave Google and move to ad exchanges (inferred search terms).
  • Exit points when consumers leave social platforms and move to ad exchanges (inferred search or click terms).
  • Over 100 active data partnerships for both online and offline (email lists, etc.) for consumer recency engagement data attached to keywords.
Do you guarantee your performance?

Absolutely! ReverseAds guarantees 200% performance of any AdWords buy. We guarantee 200% traffic, clicks or 50% the CPC. Conversions are driven by the quality of landing pages and offers.

Reverse Ads Vs Programmatic

Programmatic buys are behavioural guesses or mirrored groups who are assumed, based on demographics or past behaviour, will be interested in a product. ReverseAds is a CRM or database based solution that takes actual people (via PII = IP, Machine ID, cookies) and retargets them until they engage with a 100% performance based pricing model.

ReverseAds vs Search Ads

Search Ads are text based ads placed next to 5 competitors with only one chance to obtain the customer with irrational bid based pricing. ReverseAds delivers millions of banner ad impressions to follow the same people who we have identified to have keyword purchase intent for 30 days until they engage. All at 50% the cost of moving them to your property.

ReverseAds vs ReTargeting

Traditional ReTargeting is focused solely on loyalty and follows users who land on your web properties with banner ads. ReverseAds, Acquisition ReTargeting, focuses solely on new users who have never visited your site by onboarding PII data of all keyword intent users and following them with banner ads until they engage and move to your web properties.

What is the best way to get started?
  1. We suggest a direct 90 day test against your current AdWords buy. We will simply need your current keywords, geography and buyer demographics and we will put together a proposal with total guaranteed keyword traffic we commit to driving every 30 days at 50% the cost of AdWords.
  2. What if I am not currently buying AdWords? Our team can immediately tell you the top 10 search terms driving the most traffic to your site or offer and provide a proposal with total monthly traffic we can provide every 30 days at 50% the cost of AdWords.
  3. If you have an aggressive competitor, we will identify the top 10 keywords driving traffic to your competitor and provide a proposal to redirect that keyword traffic to your site every 30 days. For all programs we will simply need your agreed upon geography, keywords, demographics and creative (banners and landing pages). If you need help with creative services, let us know. With your original source files, we can create banners for you in 23 sizes that will maximize your traffic potential.


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