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All-in-one advertising tool to future-proof your digital marketing

From keyword and competitive research, to targeting your ideal customer and launching a campaign, ReverseAds is with you every step of the way.

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What is ReverseAds?

ReverseAds is the ultimate convergence of Artificial Intelligence Technology and Keyword Search Advertising. We deliver successful privacy-first ad campaigns for forward-thinking brands that are wary of Big Tech’s attempt to monopolize the world's data.

Reverse Search

“Stop overspending your budget in the walled gardens of Google and Facebook”Find Out How »

70% of global ad spend is wasted in Google and Facebook while 66% of users’ time spent online is on the open web. Reverse Search helps you to be everywhere the buyer is post-search until they purchase.

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Reverse Competitive

“Convert your competitors’ prospects before they do”Find Out How »

With an ever-increasing rise in competition across all industries, you need to differentiate your offerings by knowing what your competitors are doing and what they are likely to do. Reverse Competitive identifies the keywords that drive 90% of your competitors’ traffic and serve hyper-targeted ads to convert them.

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Reverse B2B

“Access the exact decision-makers buying your products and services”Find Out How »

In many markets it can be much harder to understand who will be involved in the decision-making process. There are industries with huge decision-making units, where clients must reach a large and diverse audience. Reverse B2B allows you to target and convert the right decision-makers.

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Reverse Industry

“Increase direct purchases and outsmart aggregators”Find Out How »

Aggregators take 0.5% to 25% commissions from any of your products or services sold on their sites. You are the rightful owner of this traffic. Reverse Industry helps you to redirect traffic from these 3rd party industry aggregate sites to boost your direct sales.

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Reverse Social

“Serve ads in real-time, everywhere a buyer goes after social media”Find Out How »

Users spend only 34% of their time on social media platforms with a majority of their online time spent surfing the open web. Social media platforms also limit you to running a separate campaign for each platform. Reverse Social all-in-one service allows you to engage with high-intent audiences across multiple social media platforms.

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ReverseAds Pay-Per-Considered-Visitor

“Stop paying for fraudulent clicks and hard bounces to optimize your ad budget”Find Out How »

For the first time in digital advertising, you will only be charged when visitors engage with your landing page and reach the consideration point. ReverseAds guarantees that your budget will be fully optimized with authentic user engagement.

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ReverseAds leads
the digital advertising world
with privacy-first solutions

cookieless tracking advertising

Future-proof your ads with privacy-first, cookie-less tracking

Unlike conventional ad solutions, ReverseAds does not store any personal information on consumers. Our cookie-less tracking technology ensures compliance with rapidly changing data protection regulations including GDPA, CCPA, GDPR, CASL, PDPA and more.

AdTech AI algorithm

Run ad campaigns with an algorithm that wins

ReverseAds patented AdTech solution is the ultimate integration of Artificial Intelligence technology and traditional keyword search advertising. We are everywhere after search with an algorithm that consistently beats Google search ads 3-to-1 in considered purchases.

Open Web advertising

Break the walls of Big Tech with open web advertising

Advertise where your customers really are. Expand the reach of your ad campaigns beyond the walled gardens of Google and Facebook with our patented ad tech, uniquely built for the open web where buyers spend 70% of their time online.

distributed web advertising

Protect your data from competitors with blockchain advertising

ReverseAds blockchain and distributed web advertising helps to keep your data safe from the prying eyes of browsers and cloud service providers - and from being sold to your competitors.





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