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BMW boosts test drives by 37% and increases qualified leads to their BMW Canada Dealerships
  • 37% overall increase in test drives
  • New qualified leads generated at every participating dealership
BMW Canada was recently experiencing a dip in new test drives, which naturally was leading to fewer car sales. This was occurring despite 70% of their budget being spent in Tier 1 branded ads as well as efforts to protect the BMW name within online searches. They were receiving very few results on the extremely expensive long-tail keywords they were bidding on. As it is for most considered purchase path companies, the bidding model was proving to be both cost prohibitive and lackluster in terms of results.
ReverseAds immediately reallocated the budget that BMW Canada was traditionally using for Google Ads to a competitive redirect program. A competitive strategy was also put into play, focused on keywords that performed well for Mercedes and Audi in order to engage the same visitors with comparable BMW models.

“ReverseAds increased test drives by 37% for all participating BMW Canadian Dealerships versus non participating dealerships using (Google) AdWords.”

As a result of the ReverseAds solution, BMW was able to generate over 50 qualified web leads and 22 new test drives per dealership. This result vastly outperformed all Adwords based BMW Canada Dealerships and led to a 20% increase in test drives over 60 days and a 37% increase overall.
BMW Success Story


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