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cookie-less tracking

Being different pays off with ReverseAds privacy-first, cookie-less tracking

ReverseAds is the first true alternative to traditional search ads,competing directly against Google on a keyword-by-keyword basis. Our cookie-less tracking solution tracks campaign-level engagement tied explicitly to a keyword’s intent, only using client-side, first party data. ReverseAds does not store any identifiable personal information on consumers and is compliant with all major data protection regulations such as GDPR, PDPA, CASL & CCPA.

keyword assignment algorithm

Patented AdTech solution with an algorithm that wins

Build an accurate roadmap of your buyers’ journey on a keyword-per-keyword basis with ReverseAds patented Keyword Assignment Algorithm.

ReverseAds' combined Algorithm and AI / Machine learning creates an automated and more effective way to identify statistically significant learnings. This formulates the precise targeting to drive high intent consumers to your website while eliminating time-consuming manual processes and human errors such as audience overlap.

open web advertising

Time to break the walls of Big Tech with open web advertising

Expand the reach of your ad campaigns beyond the walled gardens of Google and Facebook. ReverseAds is ad tech built for the open web, where buyers spend 70% of their time online.

We serve buyers ads until they convert at half the cost of Google Search Ads with double the results and an average of 62% reduction in CPA. Now you can outperform your competitors by delivering ads across the open web, where 81% of buyers go when looking for products or services to buy.

blockchain advertising

Protect your data from competitors with blockchain advertising

As Google phases out 3rd party cookies, tech giants continue to collect data and use it against your business by selling it to competitors. Traditional digital advertising also exposes your customer's data to browsers and cloud service providers. ReverseAds offers transformative data privacy solutions by harnessing the power of blockchain and the distributed web with cookie-less technology and keyword algorithms.


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