terms and conditions ReverseAds
  1. Upon receipt of all approved creative assets outlined in the Activation Form, the campaign can launch within 72 hours.
  2. As part of this contract, ReverseAds buys the media and publisher inventory prior to launch. Therefore, all payments are non-refundable.

Invoice and Payment Terms:

  1. All payments are net amounts, and all fees in the quotation are inclusive of GST. The client is responsible for covering all the bank charges (including the beneficiary's side).
  2. All payments are due in the currency stated on the invoice within the agreed time period without any deduction or set-off for any reason whatsoever, unless specified otherwise in the invoice.
  3. Each invoice partial payment must be made at least 5 working days before the next media activation stage of the contracted works.
  4. Client is not entitled to suspend its payment obligations unless otherwise agreed by ReverseAds in writing.
  5. The first month payment must be received before the campaign launch date, unless payment terms are agreed to prior.
  6. The second invoice is due either 30 days after the first media activation or 45 days from the signing of the contract, whichever is the earliest.
  7. The third invoice is due either 60 days after the second media activation or 75 days from the signing of the contract, whichever is the earliest.
  8. All undisputed amounts must be paid within 7 days of the receipt.

Service Details with Terms and Conditions: 

  1. ReverseAds services are provided as a managed service, including sales, after-sales support, and campaign status reports.
  2. ReverseAds has the client's permission (or flexibility) to adjust creative without client consent as long as it meets the brand guidelines.
  3. Any estimated date for completion of the services as specified in the contract is based on the best estimates of ReverseAds at the time of the contract and is not binding.
  4. The contract length is the term outlined in the Test Agreement. The agreement will automatically renew thereafter.
  5. Any legal issues will be settled in Singapore according to Singaporean law.
  6. ReverseAds' general terms apply: https://www.reverseads.com/terms-conditions
  7. ReverseAds privacy policy apply: https://www.reverseads.com/privacy-policy
  8. By signing this document, the customer acknowledges the terms and conditions of this contract.
  9. ReverseAds is capable of placing ads in restricted industries such as CBD, Vape, Alcohol, etc.; however, we will not be liable in relation to the law or licensing restrictions.


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